Angel Crafts


Our Angel crafts section is dedicated to bringing you the very best in online craft supplies so you can complete your craft projects with quality and precision.

Angel Crafts™ is a registered trademark of Angel Direct Products.  The Mower’s have been owners of Cut@Home for eight years and were having so much fun with it, they decided to launch their own craft products! Naming their brand was easy. Marcie greets each one of her grandchildren with a “There’s my ANGEL!!” as she gives them a big grandma hug. Dustin’s wife Janeth and Marcie’s husband Ron are also very involved in the manufacturing and product development of Angel Crafts products.

This wonderful brand includes the following products:

12x8TransferPaper x15012″ x 8′ Transfer Paper w/ grid
mpn/sku: 12X8TRAN-TPE
upc: 678358664719
description: 12 inches x 8 feet Transfer paper to perfectly align your vinyl on walls, signs and much more.





6x50TransferPaper x1506″ x 50′ Transfer Paper w/ grid
mpn/sku: 6x50TRAN-TPE
upc: 678358664825
description: 6 inches by 50 feet Transfer paper for vinyl of long phrases or signs





ClearTPEx15012″x 8′ Clear Transfer Paper w/ grid
mpn/sku: 12X8TRAN-CLR
upc: 678358664856
description: 12 inches by 8 feet CLEAR transfer paper with grid lines. This transfer paper is transparent and makes it an ease putting up your vinyl letters onto a wall or sign.





ClearTPE6x50-x1506″ x 50′ Clear Transfer Paper w/ grid
mpn/sku: 6X50TRAN-CLR
upc: 678358664863
description: 6 inches by 50 feet CLEAR transfer paper with grid lines. This transfer paper is for long applications and is transparent as well making it very easy to align vinyl letters onto the surface.
blackvinylx150whitevinylx15012″ x 8′ Self Adhesive Vinyl Rolls
mpn/sku: 12X6010-BLK    / 12X6010-WHT
upc:           678358664757 /   678358664740
description: 12 inches by 8 feet Adhesive Vinyl Rolls that come in black or white. There is no better quality out there than this folks!



blackvinylx150whitevinylx1509″ x 12′ Self Adhesive Vinyl Rolls
mpn/sku: 9X10070-BLK    / 9X10010-WHT
upc:           678358664733 /   678358664726
description: Any experienced crafter will certainly tell you that there is a big difference between cheap adhesive vinyl and quality vinyl. Our Angel crafts vinyl is made of the very best of quality and is easy to work with and weed. You will get clean smooth cut lines every time and it works wonderfully with your die cut machine. It boasts of a 3 mil thickness and is made in the USA. When you use our Angel Adhesive Vinyl you cut down and waste which saves you money and it is reasonably priced. You will be most pleased with our selection of vinyl rolls included in our craft supplies.


12X12MULTI-01_mainx15012″ x 12″ Self Adhesive Vinyl Sheets (35 pack)
mpn/sku: 12X12MULTI-01
upc: 678358664887
description: No matter whether your project is large or small our Angel Crafts Adhesive Vinyl Sheets are going to bring you the end crafting results that you expect and desire. Here at Angel Direct we believe in offering choices when it comes to your craft projects with our great selection of craft supplies. Our top quality adhesive vinyl sheets are available in a 10 pack, 20 pack and 35 pack.  If you are looking to put an end to vinyl adhesive problems like it being too thin, or it won’t adhere, or the corners peel back, then all you need to do is purchase our USA made adhesive vinyl sheets.



6X12MULTI-01mainx1506″ x 12″ Self Adhesive Vinyl Sheets (35 pack)
mpn/sku: 6X12MULTI-01
upc: 678358664870
description: One of the most important craft supplies that a crafter relies on is transfer paper. We have put a great deal of research and work into the development of our Angel Crafts Transfer Paper so we can offer you the very best here at our craft store. With it being such an important item and creating a large need for different sizes and styles we want to make sure that we could meet the demands of most everyone. Our transfer paper selection includes a selection of sizes in clear, with grid, and self adhesive with thick core.  We realize that this selection of craft supplies is one that is used consistently so we have worked very hard to not only offer a great selection but also great prices when it comes to our Angel Crafts Transfer Paper.


  • Ruth Homan June 18, 2014 at 10:37 am

    would like to enter for the free coupon. They sound awesome . Would like to give them a try,

    • dustin June 18, 2014 at 6:09 pm


  • Hannah October 28, 2014 at 9:51 pm

    Can you use them on painted on chalk walls like in a bedroom?

    • dustin October 28, 2014 at 10:38 pm

      no you cannot. Anything that has been chalk painted as a surface you will not want to use chalk markers on. Chalk markers are specifically for non-porous surfaces ONLY.